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  • Stainless Steel, Titanium (nickel free), and
    Porcelain (clear) Braces

  • Lingual (invisible) Braces

  • Invisalign: Dr. Buchanan is one of the first Orthodontist
    in the Northeast to be Invisalign Certified, treating cases
    since the fall of 2000.

  • Removable Appliance Therapies

  • Functional Jaw Therapy for Growing Children

  • Specialized Treatments for Children with Cleft Palate
    and Craniofacial Dysplasias

  • Orthognathic Surgical Options for Severe
    Skeletal Discrepancies
At Guilderland Orthodontics,
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Children, Adolescents and Adults in:
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New to the Office!
Our new digital Panoramic-
Cephalometric X-ray machine
produces the highest quality
images with a 40-60%
reduction in radiation
exposure. In addition it
eliminates the need for
environmentally unfriendly
chemicals which are used in
the normal development
Guilderland Orthodontics
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